AbstractCommandClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Command
AbstractReservedWordClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader
AbstractYamlReaderClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader
AbstractObjectContainerClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container
AbstractObjectContainer::add() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractModelClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
Service::addService() — Method in class Service
Adds a service
Struct::addVirtualStruct() — Method in class Struct
Adds a virtual struct
Struct::addStruct() — Method in class Struct
Adds type to structs
Struct::addStructWithAttribute() — Method in class Struct
Adds type to structs and its attribute
Struct::addUnionStruct() — Method in class Struct
Adds a union struct
Struct::add() — Method in class Struct
By overriding this method, we ensure that each time a new object is stored, it is stored with our new key if the inheritance is defined.
AbstractPhpElementClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\PhpElement
AbstractFileClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
AbstractModelFileClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
AbstractModelFile::addAnnotationBlock() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::addClassElement() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractOperationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
ClassMap::addMethodBody() — Method in class ClassMap
ClassMap::addStructToClassMapList() — Method in class ClassMap
Composer::addAutoloadToComposerJson() — Method in class Composer
Composer::addComposerSettings() — Method in class Composer
OperationAnnotationBlock::addAnnotationBlockForOperationMethod() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodDeclaration() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodMetaInformations() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodUses() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodParam() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodParamFromArray() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodParamFromModel() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodParamFromString() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::addOperationMethodReturn() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
Service::addSoapHeaderMethods() — Method in class Service
Service::addSoapHeaderFromMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::addOperationsMethods() — Method in class Service
Service::addGetResultMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::addMainMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::addAnnotationBlockForSoapHeaderMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::addAnnotationBlockForOperationMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::addAnnnotationBlockForgetResultMethod() — Method in class Service
Struct::addStructMethodConstruct() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodConstructBody() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodConstructBodyForAttribute() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodsSetAndGet() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodAddTo() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodAddToBody() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodSet() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodSetBody() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodSetBodyAssignment() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodSetBodyReturn() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodGetBody() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodGetBodyReturn() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodGet() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodSetState() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodsSetAndGetAnnotationBlockFromStructAttribute() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodsSetAndGetAnnotationBlockFromScalar() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodsSetAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodsGetAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructMethodsGetAnnotationBlockFromXmlAttribute() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructPropertiesToAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructPropertiesToAnnotationBlockUses() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addStructPropertiesToAnnotationBlockParams() — Method in class Struct
Struct::applyRules() — Method in class Struct
StructArray::addStructMethodsSetAndGet() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodCurrent() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodItem() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodFirst() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodLast() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodOffsetGet() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodGetAttributeName() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodAdd() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::addArrayMethodGenericMethod() — Method in class StructArray
Tutorial::addMainAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addChild() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addAutoload() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addContent() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addOptionsAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addOptions() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addAnnotationBlockFromService() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addContentFromService() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addServiceDeclaration() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addServiceSoapHeadersDefinitions() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addServiceSoapHeadersDefinition() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addAnnotationBlockFromMethod() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addContentFromMethod() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::addAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Tutorial
AbstractBoundRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class AbstractBoundRule Gathers [min|max][In|Ex]clusive rules
AbstractLengthRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class AbstractLengthRule Gathers [min|max|]Length rules
AbstractLengthRule::addValidationMethod() — Method in class AbstractLengthRule
AbstractMinMaxRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
AbstractRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
AbstractRule::applyRule() — Method in class AbstractRule
This method has to add the validation rule to the method's body
AbstractSetOfValuesRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
AbstractSetOfValuesRule::addValidationMethod() — Method in class AbstractSetOfValuesRule
ArrayRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
ChoiceRule::addValidationMethod() — Method in class ChoiceRule
$RulesProperty in class Rules
Rules::applyRules() — Method in class Rules
Rules::applyRulesFromAttribute() — Method in class Rules
Generic method to apply rules from current model
UnionRule::addValidationMethod() — Method in class UnionRule
AbstractGeneratorAwareClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
Generator::addSchemaToWsdl() — Method in class Generator
Adds Wsdl location
AbstractDocumentClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
AbstractModelClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
Class AbstractModel defines the basic properties and methods to operations and structs extracted from the WSDL
AbstractModel::addMeta() — Method in class AbstractModel
Add meta information to the operation
Service::addMethod() — Method in class Service
Adds a method to the service
$StructProperty in class Struct
Attributes of the struct
Struct::addInheritanceAttributes() — Method in class Struct
Struct::addAttribute() — Method in class Struct
Adds attribute based on its original name
Struct::addValue() — Method in class Struct
Adds value to values array
AbstractParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser
AbstractParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\SoapClient
AbstractAttributesParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
AbstractParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
AbstractTagImportParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
AbstractTagInputOutputParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
AbstractTagParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagEnumeration::addStructValue() — Method in class TagEnumeration
AbstractDocumentClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler
AbstractTagClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
AbstractTagImportClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
AbstractTagOperationElementClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
AbstractTagTypeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
Wsdl::addExternalSchema() — Method in class Wsdl


AbstractObjectContainer::beforeObjectIsStored() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
This method is called before the object has been stored
BoolRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
BooleanRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation


AbstractCommand::configure() — Method in class AbstractCommand
AbstractCommand::canExecute() — Method in class AbstractCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::configure() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
AbstractObjectContainer::current() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractObjectContainer::count() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
ConstantClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\PhpElement
ClassMapClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
ComposerClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
Composer::completeComposerJson() — Method in class Composer
AbstractMinMaxRule::comparisonString() — Method in class AbstractMinMaxRule
ChoiceRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
$GeneratorProperty in class Generator
Used containers
$GeneratorFilesProperty in class GeneratorFiles
Use classmap file object
Utils::cleanComment() — Method in class Utils
Clean comment
Utils::cleanString() — Method in class Utils
Clean a string to make it valid as PHP variable See more about the used regular expression at {@link http://www.regular-expressions.info/unicode.html}: - \p{L} for any valid letter - \p{N} for any valid number - /u for supporting unicode
Utils::createDirectory() — Method in class Utils
$AbstractDocumentProperty in class AbstractDocument
The content
AbstractDocument::contentClass() — Method in class AbstractDocument
AbstractModel::cleanString() — Method in class AbstractModel
Clean a string to make it valid as PHP variable
AbstractModel::checkSerializedJson() — Method in class AbstractModel
Schema::contentClass() — Method in class Schema
Struct::countOwnAttributes() — Method in class Struct
Returns the number of own attributes
$StructAttributeProperty in class StructAttribute
Defines that this property is not a simple value but an array of values Infos at {@link https://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-0/#OccurrenceConstraints}
StructValue::constantSuffix() — Method in class StructValue
Returns the index which has to be added at the end of natural constant name defined with the value cleaned Allows to avoid multiple constant name to be identical
Wsdl::contentClass() — Method in class Wsdl
Structs::cleanType() — Method in class Structs
Remove useless break line, tabs Remove curly braces Remove brackets Adds space before semicolon to parse it Remove duplicated spaces


GeneratorOptions::dotNotationToArray() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
turns my.key.path to array('my' => array('key' => array('path' => $value)))
AbstractModelFile::definePackageAnnotations() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineGeneralAnnotations() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineModelAnnotationsFromWsdl() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineNamespace() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineUseStatement() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineConstants() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineProperties() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineMethods() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::defineStringMethod() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
ClassMap::defineStringMethod() — Method in class ClassMap
Operation::defineParameters() — Method in class Operation
Operation::defineParametersFromArray() — Method in class Operation
Operation::defineParametersFromModel() — Method in class Operation
Operation::defineParametersFromString() — Method in class Operation
Operation::defineBody() — Method in class Operation
Utils::defineModelAnnotationsFromWsdl() — Method in class Utils
Generator::doSanityChecks() — Method in class Generator
Generator::doParse() — Method in class Generator
Generator::doGenerate() — Method in class Generator
GeneratorFiles::doGenerate() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
GeneratorParsers::doParse() — Method in class GeneratorParsers
$StructsProperty in class Structs


AbstractCommand::execute() — Method in class AbstractCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::execute() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
EmptyModelClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
Composer::encodeToJson() — Method in class Composer
AbstractBoundRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class AbstractBoundRule
AbstractLengthRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class AbstractLengthRule
AbstractRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class AbstractRule
Message when test fails in order to throw the exception
AbstractSetOfValuesRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class AbstractSetOfValuesRule
BooleanRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class BooleanRule
ChoiceRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class ChoiceRule
EnumerationRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class EnumerationRule
EnumerationRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class EnumerationRule
FloatRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class FloatRule
FractionDigitsRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class FractionDigitsRule
IntRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class IntRule
ItemTypeRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class ItemTypeRule
MaxOccursRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class MaxOccursRule
PatternRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class PatternRule
StringRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class StringRule
TotalDigitsRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class TotalDigitsRule
UnionRule::exceptionMessageOnTestFailure() — Method in class UnionRule
EmptyModelClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
$WsdlProperty in class Wsdl


GeneratePackageCommand::formatOptionValue() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::formatArrayForConsole() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
Utility method to return readable array based on "key: value"
$AbstractYamlReaderProperty in class AbstractYamlReader
Path to file to parse
$AbstractFileProperty in class AbstractFile
AbstractModelFile::fillClassMethods() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
This method is responsible for filling in the $methods property with appropriate methods for the current model
ClassMap::fillClassMethods() — Method in class ClassMap
This method is responsible for filling in the $methods property with appropriate methods for the current model
FileInterfaceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
Service::fillClassMethods() — Method in class Service
Struct::fillClassMethods() — Method in class Struct
This method is responsible for filling in the $methods property with appropriate methods for the current model
StructEnum::fillClassMethods() — Method in class StructEnum
This method is responsible for filling in the $methods property with appropriate methods for the current model
FloatRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
FractionDigitsRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class FractionDigitsRule
$RulesProperty in class Rules
$GeneratorProperty in class Generator
Used files
FunctionsClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\SoapClient
TagUnion::findSuitableInheritance() — Method in class TagUnion
TagChoice::filterFoundChildren() — Method in class TagChoice
This must ensure the current element, based on its tagName is not contained by another element than the choice.


AbstractCommand::getOptionValue() — Method in class AbstractCommand
GeneratePackageCommandClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Command
$GeneratePackageCommandProperty in class GeneratePackageCommand
$GeneratePackageCommandProperty in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::getGenerator() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::getPackageGenerationCommandLineOptions() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::getGeneratorOptionsConfigOption() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::getGeneratorOptionsPossibilities() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratorOptionsClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader
GeneratorOptions::getOptionValue() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Returns the option value
GeneratorOptions::getDefaultConfigurationPath() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
GeneratorOptions::getCategory() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get category option value
GeneratorOptions::getAddComments() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get add comments option value
GeneratorOptions::getGatherMethods() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get gather methods option value
GeneratorOptions::getGenerateTutorialFile() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get generate tutorial file option value
GeneratorOptions::getNamespace() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get namespace option value
GeneratorOptions::getGenericConstantsName() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get generic constants name option value
GeneratorOptions::getStandalone() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get standalone option value
GeneratorOptions::getValidation() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get validation option value
GeneratorOptions::getStructClass() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get struct class option value
GeneratorOptions::getStructArrayClass() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get struct array class option value
GeneratorOptions::getSoapClientClass() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get struct array class option value
GeneratorOptions::getOrigin() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get origin option value
GeneratorOptions::getDestination() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get destination option value
GeneratorOptions::getSrcDirname() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get src dirname option value
GeneratorOptions::getPrefix() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get prefix option value
GeneratorOptions::getSuffix() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get suffix option value
GeneratorOptions::getBasicLogin() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get basic login option value
GeneratorOptions::getBasicPassword() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get basic password option value
GeneratorOptions::getProxyHost() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get basic proxy host option value
GeneratorOptions::getProxyPort() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get basic proxy port option value
GeneratorOptions::getProxyLogin() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get basic proxy login option value
GeneratorOptions::getProxyPassword() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get basic proxy password option value
GeneratorOptions::getSoapOptions() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get basic soap options option value
GeneratorOptions::getComposerName() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get composer name option value
GeneratorOptions::getComposerSettings() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get composer settings option value
GeneratorOptions::getStructsFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get structs folder option value
GeneratorOptions::getArraysFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get arrays folder option value
GeneratorOptions::getEnumsFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get enums folder option value
GeneratorOptions::getServicesFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get services folder option value
GeneratorOptions::getSchemasSave() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get schemas save option value
GeneratorOptions::getSchemasFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get schemas folder option value
GeneratorOptions::getXsdTypesPath() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Get xsd types path option value
PhpReservedKeyword::getDefaultConfigurationPath() — Method in class PhpReservedKeyword
ServiceReservedMethod::getDefaultConfigurationPath() — Method in class ServiceReservedMethod
StructArrayReservedMethod::getDefaultArrayConfigurationPath() — Method in class StructArrayReservedMethod
StructReservedMethod::getDefaultConfigurationPath() — Method in class StructReservedMethod
AbstractObjectContainer::getObjectKey() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractObjectContainer::get() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
EmptyModel::get() — Method in class EmptyModel
Method::getMethodByName() — Method in class Method
Method::get() — Method in class Method
Schema::getSchemaByName() — Method in class Schema
Schema::get() — Method in class Schema
Service::getServiceByName() — Method in class Service
Service::get() — Method in class Service
Service::getMethods() — Method in class Service
Struct::getStructByName() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructByNameAndType() — Method in class Struct
Struct::get() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getVirtual() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getByType() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getObjectKeyWithType() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getObjectKeyWithVirtual() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getTypeKey() — Method in class Struct
The key must not conflict with possible key values
Struct::getVirtualKey() — Method in class Struct
The key must not conflict with possible key values
StructAttribute::getStructAttributeByName() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getStructAttributeByCleanName() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::get() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getByCleanName() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructValue::getStructValueByName() — Method in class StructValue
StructValue::get() — Method in class StructValue
Parser::getParserByName() — Method in class Parser
$AbstractFileProperty in class AbstractFile
AbstractFile::getGenerator() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractFile::getFileName() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractFile::getFileDestination() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractFile::getFileExtension() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractFile::getFile() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractModelFile::getFileDestination() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getDestinationFolder() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getModel() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getModelByName() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getPackageName() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getClassAnnotationBlock() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getClassDeclarationLine() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getClassDeclarationLineText() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getClassConstants() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getConstantAnnotationBlock() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getClassProperties() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getPropertyAnnotationBlock() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getToStringMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getToStringMethod() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getStructAttribute() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getModelFromStructAttribute() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getRestrictionFromStructAttribute() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getStructAttributeType() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getStructAttributeTypeGetAnnotation() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getStructAttributeTypeSetAnnotation() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getStructAttributeTypeHint() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getStructAttributeTypeAsPhpType() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractModelFile::getValidType() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
See http://php.net/manual/fr/language.oop5.typehinting.php for these cases Also see http://www.w3schools.com/schema/schema_dtypes_numeric.asp
AbstractModelFile::getPhpType() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
See http://php.net/manual/fr/language.oop5.typehinting.php for these cases Also see http://www.w3schools.com/schema/schema_dtypes_numeric.asp
$AbstractOperationProperty in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::getParameterTypeModel() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::getParameterTypeArrayTypes() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::getParameterName() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::getMethodParameter() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::getGenerator() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::getMethod() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::getModelByName() — Method in class AbstractOperation
ClassMap::getClassConstants() — Method in class ClassMap
ClassMap::getConstantAnnotationBlock() — Method in class ClassMap
ClassMap::getClassProperties() — Method in class ClassMap
ClassMap::getPropertyAnnotationBlock() — Method in class ClassMap
ClassMap::getMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class ClassMap
ClassMap::getClassAnnotationBlock() — Method in class ClassMap
ClassMap::getStructName() — Method in class ClassMap
work around for https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=69280
Composer::getPsr4Autoload() — Method in class Composer
Composer::getComposerFileContent() — Method in class Composer
Composer::getComposerFilePath() — Method in class Composer
Composer::getRunComposerUpdate() — Method in class Composer
Composer::getFileExtension() — Method in class Composer
PhpFunctionParameter::getModel() — Method in class PhpFunctionParameter
Operation::getMainMethod() — Method in class Operation
Operation::getSoapCallName() — Method in class Operation
Operation::getOperationCallParameters() — Method in class Operation
Operation::getOperationCallParametersSeparator() — Method in class Operation
Operation::getOperationCallParametersStarting() — Method in class Operation
Operation::getOperationCallParametersEnding() — Method in class Operation
Operation::getOperationCallParameterName() — Method in class Operation
OperationAnnotationBlock::getSoapHeaderTypesTypes() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::getSoapHeaderTypeType() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::getOperationMethodParam() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
OperationAnnotationBlock::getOperationMethodReturnType() — Method in class OperationAnnotationBlock
Service::getClassConstants() — Method in class Service
Service::getConstantAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Service
Service::getClassProperties() — Method in class Service
Service::getPropertyAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Service
Service::getClassDeclarationLineText() — Method in class Service
Service::getSoapHeaderMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::getTypeFromName() — Method in class Service
Service::getSoapHeaderMethodName() — Method in class Service
Service::getMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Service
Service::getServiceReturnTypes() — Method in class Service
Service::getOperationMethodReturnType() — Method in class Service
Service::getModelFromMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::getModel() — Method in class Service
Struct::getClassConstants() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getConstantAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getModelAttributes() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getClassProperties() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getPropertyAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodParametersValues() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodParameter() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodParameterType() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodSetBodyAssignment() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodGetParameters() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodConstructAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodSetStateAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodsSetAndGetAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodsAddToAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodsValidateArrayAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodsValidateUnionAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodsValidateChoiceAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getStructMethodsValidateLengthAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getModel() — Method in class Struct
StructArray::getArrayMethodGetAttributeNameAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodCurrentAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodFirstAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodLastAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodItemAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodOffsetGetAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodAddAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodGenericAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getStructMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructArray
StructArray::getArrayMethodBody() — Method in class StructArray
StructEnum::getClassConstants() — Method in class StructEnum
StructEnum::getConstantAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructEnum
StructEnum::getMethodAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructEnum
StructEnum::getEnumMethodValueIsValid() — Method in class StructEnum
StructEnum::getEnumMethodGetValidValues() — Method in class StructEnum
StructEnum::getEnumMethodValues() — Method in class StructEnum
StructEnum::getEnumValueIsValidAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructEnum
StructEnum::getEnumGetValidValuesAnnotationBlock() — Method in class StructEnum
Tutorial::getAnnotationBlock() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::getMethodParameters() — Method in class Tutorial
Tutorial::getMethodParameter() — Method in class Tutorial
Utils::getValidMetaValues() — Method in class Utils
Utils::getMetaValueAnnotation() — Method in class Utils
AbstractLengthRule::getValidationMethodName() — Method in class AbstractLengthRule
AbstractLengthRule::getErrorMessageVariableName() — Method in class AbstractLengthRule
AbstractRule::getRules() — Method in class AbstractRule
AbstractRule::getMethod() — Method in class AbstractRule
AbstractRule::getMethods() — Method in class AbstractRule
AbstractRule::getFile() — Method in class AbstractRule
AbstractRule::getAttribute() — Method in class AbstractRule
AbstractRule::getGenerator() — Method in class AbstractRule
AbstractSetOfValuesRule::getValidationMethodName() — Method in class AbstractSetOfValuesRule
AbstractSetOfValuesRule::getErrorMessageVariableName() — Method in class AbstractSetOfValuesRule
ChoiceRule::getValidationMethodName() — Method in class ChoiceRule
ChoiceRule::getErrorMessageVariableName() — Method in class ChoiceRule
EnumerationRule::getRestrictionModel() — Method in class EnumerationRule
ItemTypeRule::getItemSanityCheck() — Method in class ItemTypeRule
The second case which used PHP native functions is volontary limited by the native functions provided by PHP, and the possible types defined in xsd_types.yml
Rules::getRule() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getArrayRule() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getEnumerationRule() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getItemTypeRule() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getListRule() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getAttribute() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getFile() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getMethod() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getMethods() — Method in class Rules
Rules::getGenerator() — Method in class Rules
UnionRule::getValidationMethodName() — Method in class UnionRule
UnionRule::getErrorMessageVariableName() — Method in class UnionRule
$AbstractGeneratorAwareProperty in class AbstractGeneratorAware
AbstractGeneratorAware::getGenerator() — Method in class AbstractGeneratorAware
GeneratorClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
Generator::getParsers() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getFiles() — Method in class Generator
Generator::generatePackage() — Method in class Generator
Generates all classes based on options
Generator::getStructByName() — Method in class Generator
Gets the struct by its name Starting from issue #157, we know call getVirtual secondly as structs are now betterly parsed and so is their inheritance/type is detected
Generator::getStructByNameAndType() — Method in class Generator
Gets the struct by its name and type
Generator::getService() — Method in class Generator
Gets a service by its name
Generator::getServiceMethod() — Method in class Generator
Returns the method
Generator::getServices() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getStructs() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getOptionCategory() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionCategory value
Generator::getOptionGatherMethods() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionGatherMethods value
Generator::getOptionGenericConstantsNames() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionGenericConstantsNames value
Generator::getOptionGenerateTutorialFile() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionGenerateTutorialFile value
Generator::getOptionNamespacePrefix() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionNamespacePrefix value
Generator::getOptionAddComments() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionAddComments value
Generator::getOptionStandalone() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionStandalone value
Generator::getOptionValidation() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionValidation value
Generator::getOptionStructClass() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionStructClass value
Generator::getOptionStructArrayClass() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionStructArrayClass value
Generator::getOptionSoapClientClass() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionSoapClientClass value
Generator::getOptionPrefix() — Method in class Generator
Gets the package name prefix
Generator::getOptionSuffix() — Method in class Generator
Gets the package name suffix
Generator::getOptionBasicLogin() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionBasicLogin value
Generator::getOptionBasicPassword() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionBasicPassword value
Generator::getOptionProxyHost() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionProxyHost value
Generator::getOptionProxyPort() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionProxyPort value
Generator::getOptionProxyLogin() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionProxyLogin value
Generator::getOptionProxyPassword() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionProxyPassword value
Generator::getOptionOrigin() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionOrigin value
Generator::getOptionDestination() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionDestination value
Generator::getOptionSrcDirname() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionSrcDirname value
Generator::getOptionSoapOptions() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionSoapOptions value
Generator::getOptionComposerName() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionComposerName value
Generator::getOptionComposerSettings() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionComposerSettings value
Generator::getOptionStructsFolder() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionStructsFolder value
Generator::getOptionArraysFolder() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionArraysFolder value
Generator::getOptionEnumsFolder() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionEnumsFolder value
Generator::getOptionServicesFolder() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionServicesFolder value
Generator::getOptionSchemasSave() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionSchemasSave value
Generator::getOptionSchemasFolder() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionSchemasFolder value
Generator::getOptionXsdTypesPath() — Method in class Generator
Gets the optionXsdTypesPath value
Generator::getWsdl() — Method in class Generator
Gets the WSDL
Generator::getGather() — Method in class Generator
Gets gather name class
Generator::getServiceName() — Method in class Generator
Returns the service name associated to the method/operation name in order to gather them in one service class
Generator::getOptions() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getSoapClient() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getUrlContent() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getContainers() — Method in class Generator
Generator::getModelInstanceFromJsonArrayEntry() — Method in class Generator
GeneratorContainersClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
GeneratorContainers::getServices() — Method in class GeneratorContainers
GeneratorContainers::getStructs() — Method in class GeneratorContainers
GeneratorFilesClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
GeneratorFiles::getClassmapFile() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
GeneratorFiles::generateStructsClasses() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
Generates structs classes based on structs collected
GeneratorFiles::getStructFile() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
GeneratorFiles::generateServicesClasses() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
Generates methods by class
GeneratorFiles::generateClassMap() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
Generates classMap class
GeneratorFiles::generateTutorialFile() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
Generates tutorial file
GeneratorFiles::generateComposerFile() — Method in class GeneratorFiles
GeneratorParsersClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
GeneratorParsers::getParsers() — Method in class GeneratorParsers
GeneratorSoapClientClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
GeneratorSoapClient::getSoapClientOptions() — Method in class GeneratorSoapClient
GeneratorSoapClient::getSoapClient() — Method in class GeneratorSoapClient
GeneratorSoapClient::getSoapClientStreamContextOptions() — Method in class GeneratorSoapClient
Utils::getPart() — Method in class Utils
Gets upper case word among a string from the end or from the beginning part
Utils::getContentFromUrl() — Method in class Utils
Get content from url using a proxy or not
Utils::getStreamContextOptions() — Method in class Utils
Utils::getValueWithinItsType() — Method in class Utils
Returns the value with good type
AbstractDocument::getContent() — Method in class AbstractDocument
AbstractModel::getExtendsClassName() — Method in class AbstractModel
AbstractModel::getInheritance() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns the name of the class the current class inherits from
AbstractModel::getInheritedModel() — Method in class AbstractModel
AbstractModel::getMeta() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns the meta
AbstractModel::getMetaValue() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns a meta value according to its name
AbstractModel::getMetaValueFirstSet() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns the value of the first meta value assigned to the name
AbstractModel::getName() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns the original name extracted from the WSDL
AbstractModel::getCleanName() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns a valid clean name for PHP
AbstractModel::getOwner() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns the owner model object
AbstractModel::getPackagedName() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns the packaged name
AbstractModel::getContextualPart() — Method in class AbstractModel
Allows to define the contextual part of the class name for the package
AbstractModel::getExtends() — Method in class AbstractModel
Allows to define from which class the current model extends
AbstractModel::getNamespace() — Method in class AbstractModel
AbstractModel::getSubDirectory() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns directory where to store class and create it if needed
AbstractModel::getDocSubPackages() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns the sub package name which the model belongs to Must be overridden by sub classes
AbstractModel::getReservedMethodsInstance() — Method in class AbstractModel
Method::getCleanName() — Method in class Method
Method name can't starts with numbers
Method::getMethodName() — Method in class Method
Returns the name of the method that is used to call the operation It takes care of the fact that the method might not be the only one named as it is.
Method::getParameterType() — Method in class Method
Returns the parameter type
Method::getReturnType() — Method in class Method
Returns the return type
Method::getOwner() — Method in class Method
Returns the owner model object, meaning a Service object
Method::getReservedMethodsInstance() — Method in class Method
Schema::getContent() — Method in class Schema
Service::getContextualPart() — Method in class Service
Returns the contextual part of the class name for the package
Service::getDocSubPackages() — Method in class Service
Returns the sub package name which the model belongs to Must be overridden by sub classes
Service::getMethods() — Method in class Service
Returns the methods of the service
Service::getMethod() — Method in class Service
Returns the method by its original name
Service::getExtends() — Method in class Service
Allows to define from which class the current model extends
Service::getReservedMethodsInstance() — Method in class Service
Struct::getContextualPart() — Method in class Struct
Returns the contextual part of the class name for the package
Struct::getDocSubPackages() — Method in class Struct
Returns the sub package name which the model belongs to Must be overridden by sub classes
Struct::getAttributes() — Method in class Struct
Returns the attributes of the struct and potentially from the parent class
Struct::getAllAttributes() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getAttribute() — Method in class Struct
Returns the attribute by its name, otherwise null
Struct::getAttributeByCleanName() — Method in class Struct
Returns the attribute by its cleaned name, otherwise null
Struct::getList() — Method in class Struct
Returns the list value
Struct::getValues() — Method in class Struct
Returns the values for an enumeration
Struct::getValue() — Method in class Struct
Gets the value object for the given value
Struct::getExtends() — Method in class Struct
Allows to define from which class the current model extends
Struct::getInheritanceStruct() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getTopInheritance() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getMeta() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getReservedMethodsInstance() — Method in class Struct
Struct::getTypes() — Method in class Struct
StructAttribute::getUniqueString() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns the unique name in the current struct (for setters/getters and struct constructor array)
StructAttribute::getUniqueName() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns the unique name in the current struct (for setters/getters and struct contrusctor array)
StructAttribute::getGetterName() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns the getter name for this attribute
StructAttribute::getSetterName() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns the getter name for this attribute
StructAttribute::getType() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns the type value
StructAttribute::getContainsElements() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns the type value
StructAttribute::getRemovableFromRequest() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getDefaultValue() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns potential default value
StructAttribute::getOwner() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns the owner model object, meaning a Struct object
StructAttribute::getTypeStruct() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getTypeStructMeta() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getInheritanceStruct() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getInheritanceStructMeta() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getMeta() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::getReservedMethodsInstance() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructValue::getCleanName() — Method in class StructValue
Returns the name of the value as constant
StructValue::getNameWithSeparatedWords() — Method in class StructValue
StructValue::getValue() — Method in class StructValue
Returns the value with good type
StructValue::getIndex() — Method in class StructValue
Gets the index attribute value
StructValue::getOwner() — Method in class StructValue
Returns the owner model object, meaning a Struct object
Wsdl::getContent() — Method in class Wsdl
AbstractParser::getName() — Method in class AbstractParser
$AbstractParserProperty in class AbstractParser
AbstractParser::getTags() — Method in class AbstractParser
AbstractTagImportParser::getLocation() — Method in class AbstractTagImportParser
AbstractTagImportParser::getTagParser() — Method in class AbstractTagImportParser
AbstractTagInputOutputParser::getKnownType() — Method in class AbstractTagInputOutputParser
AbstractTagInputOutputParser::getTypeFromPart() — Method in class AbstractTagInputOutputParser
AbstractTagParser::getGenerator() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::getModel() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
Return the model on which the method will be called
AbstractTagParser::getStructByName() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::getStructByNameAndType() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::getMethodByName() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::getParseTagAttributeMethod() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::getName() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
TagInput::getKnownType() — Method in class TagInput
TagOutput::getKnownType() — Method in class TagOutput
TagUnion::getUnionMemberTypesFromChildren() — Method in class TagUnion
AbstractDocument::getElementHandler() — Method in class AbstractDocument
AbstractDocument::getNamespaceUri() — Method in class AbstractDocument
AbstractTag::getSuitableParent() — Method in class AbstractTag
This method aims to get the parent element that matches a valid Wsdl element (aka struct)
AbstractTag::getSuitableParentTags() — Method in class AbstractTag
Suitable tags as parent
AbstractTag::getStrictParent() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTag::getAttributeName() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTag::getAttributeRef() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTag::getValueAttributeValue() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTag::getDomDocumentHandler() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTag::getChildrenByName() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTagImport::getLocationAttribute() — Method in class AbstractTagImport
Return the correct location attribute value
AbstractTagOperationElement::getParentOperation() — Method in class AbstractTagOperationElement
AbstractTagOperationElement::getAttributeMessage() — Method in class AbstractTagOperationElement
AbstractTagOperationElement::getAttributeMessageNamespace() — Method in class AbstractTagOperationElement
AbstractTagOperationElement::getMessage() — Method in class AbstractTagOperationElement
AbstractTagOperationElement::getParts() — Method in class AbstractTagOperationElement
AbstractTagOperationElement::getPart() — Method in class AbstractTagOperationElement
Tag::getFirstRestrictionChild() — Method in class Tag
TagAttribute::getSuitableParentTags() — Method in class TagAttribute
TagAttributeGroup::getReferencingElements() — Method in class TagAttributeGroup
TagChoice::getChildrenElements() — Method in class TagChoice
TagChoice::getFilteredChildrenByName() — Method in class TagChoice
TagChoice::getChildrenElementsTags() — Method in class TagChoice
TagChoice::getForbiddenParentTags() — Method in class TagChoice
TagDocumentation::getContent() — Method in class TagDocumentation
TagDocumentation::getSuitableParent() — Method in class TagDocumentation
Finds parent node of this documentation node without taking care of the name attribute for enumeration.
TagDocumentation::getSuitableParentTags() — Method in class TagDocumentation
TagEnumeration::getValue() — Method in class TagEnumeration
TagEnumeration::getRestrictionParent() — Method in class TagEnumeration
TagEnumeration::getRestrictionParentType() — Method in class TagEnumeration
TagHeader::getParentInput() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getAttributeRequired() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getAttributeNamespace() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getAttributePart() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getPartTag() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getHeaderType() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getHeaderName() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getHeaderNamespace() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getHeaderNamespaceFromPart() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getHeaderNamespaceFromMessage() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::getHeaderRequired() — Method in class TagHeader
TagList::getAttributeItemType() — Method in class TagList
TagList::getItemType() — Method in class TagList
TagMessage::getPart() — Method in class TagMessage
TagPart::getAttributeElement() — Method in class TagPart
TagPart::getAttributeType() — Method in class TagPart
TagPart::getAttributeMixedValue() — Method in class TagPart
TagPart::getFinalType() — Method in class TagPart
TagPart::getFinalName() — Method in class TagPart
TagPart::getFinalNamespace() — Method in class TagPart
TagRestriction::getEnumerations() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::getAttributeBase() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagUnion::getAttributeMemberTypes() — Method in class TagUnion
TagUnion::getMemberTypesChildren() — Method in class TagUnion
Wsdl::getExternalSchema() — Method in class Wsdl
Wsdl::getExternalSchemas() — Method in class Wsdl
Wsdl::getElementByName() — Method in class Wsdl
Wsdl::getElementByNameAndAttributes() — Method in class Wsdl
Wsdl::getElementsByName() — Method in class Wsdl
Wsdl::getElementsByNameAndAttributes() — Method in class Wsdl


Rules::hasRuleBeenAppliedToAttribute() — Method in class Rules
AbstractTag::hasAttributeName() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTag::hasAttributeRef() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTag::hasAttributeValue() — Method in class AbstractTag
AbstractTagOperationElement::hasAttributeMessage() — Method in class AbstractTagOperationElement
Tag::hasRestrictionChild() — Method in class Tag
TagRestriction::hasAttributeBase() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::hasUnionParent() — Method in class TagRestriction
Checks wether this element is contained by an union parent or not
TagUnion::hasMemberTypesAsChildren() — Method in class TagUnion


$AbstractCommandProperty in class AbstractCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::initGenerator() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratePackageCommand::initGeneratorOptions() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
AbstractReservedWord::instance() — Method in class AbstractReservedWord
AbstractReservedWord::is() — Method in class AbstractReservedWord
$AbstractYamlReaderProperty in class AbstractYamlReader
AbstractYamlReader::instance() — Method in class AbstractYamlReader
GeneratorOptions::instance() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
PhpReservedKeyword::instance() — Method in class PhpReservedKeyword
ServiceReservedMethod::instance() — Method in class ServiceReservedMethod
StructArrayReservedMethod::instance() — Method in class StructArrayReservedMethod
StructReservedMethod::instance() — Method in class StructReservedMethod
XsdTypes::instance() — Method in class XsdTypes
XsdTypes::isXsd() — Method in class XsdTypes
XsdTypes::isAnonymous() — Method in class XsdTypes
AbstractModelFile::isAttributeAList() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractOperation::isParameterTypeEmpty() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::isParameterTypeAnArray() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::isParameterTypeAString() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::isParameterTypeAModel() — Method in class AbstractOperation
IntRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
ItemTypeRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Generator::initialize() — Method in class Generator
Generator::initSoapClient() — Method in class Generator
Generator::initContainers() — Method in class Generator
Generator::initParsers() — Method in class Generator
Generator::initFiles() — Method in class Generator
Generator::initDirectory() — Method in class Generator
Generator::initWsdl() — Method in class Generator
Generator::instanceFromSerializedJson() — Method in class Generator
GeneratorContainers::initStructs() — Method in class GeneratorContainers
GeneratorContainers::initServices() — Method in class GeneratorContainers
GeneratorParsers::initParsers() — Method in class GeneratorParsers
GeneratorSoapClient::initSoapClient() — Method in class GeneratorSoapClient
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Define the inheritance of a struct by the name of the parent struct or type
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Indicates that the current element is an abstract element.
AbstractModel::isAbstract() — Method in class AbstractModel
AbstractModel::instanceFromSerializedJson() — Method in class AbstractModel
$MethodProperty in class Method
Indicates function is not alone with this name, then its name is contextualized based on its parameter(s)
Method::isUnique() — Method in class Method
Returns the isUnique property
$StructProperty in class Struct
Is the struct a restriction with defined values ?
$StructProperty in class Struct
Defines if the current struct is a concrete struct or just a virtual struct to store meta informations
Struct::isArray() — Method in class Struct
Returns true if the current struct is a collection of values (like an array or a list of values)
Struct::isRestriction() — Method in class Struct
Returns the isRestriction value
Struct::isStruct() — Method in class Struct
Returns the isStruct value
Struct::isList() — Method in class Struct
Returns if the current struct is a list List are a set of basic-type values
Struct::isUnion() — Method in class Struct
StructAttribute::isAChoice() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::isArray() — Method in class StructAttribute
If this attribute contains elements then it's an array only if its parent, the Struct, is not itself an array, if the parent is an array, then it is certainly not an array too
StructAttribute::isList() — Method in class StructAttribute
If this attribute is based on a struct that is a list, then it is list of basic sclar values that are sent space-separated
StructAttribute::isRequired() — Method in class StructAttribute
Returns true or false depending on minOccurs information associated to the attribute
StructAttribute::isXml() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructAttribute::isTypeStructArray() — Method in class StructAttribute
$StructValueProperty in class StructValue
The index of the value in the enumeration struct
Structs::isStructDefined() — Method in class Structs
AbstractParser::isWsdlParsed() — Method in class AbstractParser
AbstractParser::isSchemaParsed() — Method in class AbstractParser
AbstractTagInputOutputParser::isKnownTypeUnknown() — Method in class AbstractTagInputOutputParser
TagHeader::isSoapHeaderAlreadyDefined() — Method in class TagHeader
Tag::isTheParent() — Method in class Tag
Checks if the given tag is the same direct parent of this current tag
TagRestriction::isEnumeration() — Method in class TagRestriction


GeneratorOptions::jsonSerialize() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
AbstractObjectContainer::jsonSerialize() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
Generator::jsonSerialize() — Method in class Generator
GeneratorContainers::jsonSerialize() — Method in class GeneratorContainers
AbstractModel::jsonSerialize() — Method in class AbstractModel


$AbstractReservedWordProperty in class AbstractReservedWord
List of PHP reserved keywords from config file
AbstractObjectContainer::key() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer


AbstractYamlReader::loadYaml() — Method in class AbstractYamlReader
LengthRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class LengthRule
ListRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class ListRule
$StructProperty in class Struct
Defines if the current struct is a list of a type or not.


MethodClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
MethodClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\PhpElement
$AbstractModelFileProperty in class AbstractModelFile
$AbstractOperationProperty in class AbstractOperation
$PhpFunctionParameterProperty in class PhpFunctionParameter
$ServiceProperty in class Service
Method model can't be found in case the original method's name is unclean: - ex: my.operation.name becomes my_operation_name thus the Model from Model\Service::getMethod() can't be found So we store the generated name associated to the original method object
AbstractSetOfValuesRule::mustApplyRuleOnAttribute() — Method in class AbstractSetOfValuesRule
Must check the attribute validity according to the current rule
ArrayRule::mustApplyRuleOnAttribute() — Method in class ArrayRule
$EnumerationRuleProperty in class EnumerationRule
ListRule::mustApplyRuleOnAttribute() — Method in class ListRule
MaxExclusiveRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class MaxExclusiveRule
MaxInclusiveRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class MaxInclusiveRule
MaxLengthRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class MaxLengthRule
MaxOccursRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class LengthRule
MinExclusiveRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class MinExclusiveRule
MinInclusiveRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class MinInclusiveRule
MinLengthRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class MinLengthRule
$RulesProperty in class Rules
$RulesProperty in class Rules
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Values associated to the operation
AbstractModel::mergeMeta() — Method in class AbstractModel
Allows to merge meta from different sources and ensure consistency of their order Must be passed as less important (at first position) to most important (last position)
MethodClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
Class Method stands for an available operation described in the WSDL
$MethodProperty in class Method
Generated method name stored as soon as it has been defined once
$ServiceProperty in class Service
Store the methods of the service


AbstractObjectContainer::next() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractRule::name() — Method in class AbstractRule
Name of the validation rule
ArrayRule::name() — Method in class ArrayRule
BooleanRule::name() — Method in class BooleanRule
ChoiceRule::name() — Method in class ChoiceRule
EnumerationRule::name() — Method in class EnumerationRule
FloatRule::name() — Method in class FloatRule
FractionDigitsRule::name() — Method in class FractionDigitsRule
IntRule::name() — Method in class IntRule
ItemTypeRule::name() — Method in class ItemTypeRule
LengthRule::name() — Method in class LengthRule
ListRule::name() — Method in class ListRule
MaxExclusiveRule::name() — Method in class MaxExclusiveRule
MaxInclusiveRule::name() — Method in class MaxInclusiveRule
MaxLengthRule::name() — Method in class MaxLengthRule
MaxOccursRule::name() — Method in class MaxOccursRule
MinExclusiveRule::name() — Method in class MinExclusiveRule
MinInclusiveRule::name() — Method in class MinInclusiveRule
MinLengthRule::name() — Method in class MinLengthRule
PatternRule::name() — Method in class PatternRule
StringRule::name() — Method in class StringRule
TotalDigitsRule::name() — Method in class TotalDigitsRule
UnionRule::name() — Method in class UnionRule
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Original name od the element
AbstractModel::nameIsClean() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns true if the original name is safe to use as a PHP property, variable name or class name


$AbstractCommandProperty in class AbstractCommand
$GeneratorOptionsProperty in class GeneratorOptions
Generator's options
$AbstractObjectContainerProperty in class AbstractObjectContainer
$AbstractObjectContainerProperty in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractObjectContainer::offsetExists() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractObjectContainer::offsetGet() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractObjectContainer::offsetSet() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractObjectContainer::offsetUnset() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
AbstractObjectContainer::objectClass() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
Must return the object class name that this container is made to contain
AbstractObjectContainer::objectProperty() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
Must return the object class name that this container is made to contain
AbstractModel::objectProperty() — Method in class AbstractModel
EmptyModel::objectClass() — Method in class EmptyModel
Method::objectClass() — Method in class Method
Method::objectProperty() — Method in class Method
Schema::objectClass() — Method in class Schema
Service::objectClass() — Method in class Service
Struct::objectClass() — Method in class Struct
StructAttribute::objectClass() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructValue::objectClass() — Method in class StructValue
Parser::objectClass() — Method in class Parser
Parser::objectProperty() — Method in class Parser
AbstractPhpElement::objectProperty() — Method in class AbstractPhpElement
Constant::objectClass() — Method in class Constant
Method::objectClass() — Method in class Method
Property::objectClass() — Method in class Property
OperationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
OperationAnnotationBlockClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
$GeneratorProperty in class Generator
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Store the object which owns the current model


AbstractReservedWord::parseReservedKeywords() — Method in class AbstractReservedWord
AbstractYamlReader::parseSimpleArray() — Method in class AbstractYamlReader
GeneratorOptions::parseOptions() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Parse options for generator
PhpReservedKeywordClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader
XsdTypes::parseXsdTypes() — Method in class XsdTypes
XsdTypes::phpType() — Method in class XsdTypes
ParserClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container
PropertyClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\PhpElement
PhpFunctionParameterClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Element
PatternRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class PatternRule
$GeneratorProperty in class Generator
Used parsers
Generator::parse() — Method in class Generator
Only parses what has to be parsed, called before actually generating the package
$GeneratorParsersProperty in class GeneratorParsers
AbstractModel::purgeUniqueNames() — Method in class AbstractModel
Gives the availability for test purpose and multiple package generation to purge unique names
AbstractModel::purgePhpReservedKeywords() — Method in class AbstractModel
Gives the availability for test purpose and multiple package generation to purge reserved keywords usage
$MethodProperty in class Method
Type of the parameter for the operation
Struct::putRequiredFirst() — Method in class Struct
ParserInterfaceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser
ParserInterface::parse() — Method in class ParserInterface
This method is called to launch the data parsing If an exception must be throwned, then it must throwned here
Functions::parse() — Method in class Functions
This method is called to launch the data parsing If an exception must be throwned, then it must throwned here
Structs::parse() — Method in class Structs
Parses the SoapClient types
Structs::parseType() — Method in class Structs
Structs::parseComplexStruct() — Method in class Structs
Structs::parseUnionStruct() — Method in class Structs
union types are passed such as ",dateTime,time" or ",PMS_ResStatusType,TransactionActionType,UpperCaseAlphaLength1to2"
AbstractAttributesParser::parseWsdl() — Method in class AbstractAttributesParser
AbstractAttributesParser::parseTag() — Method in class AbstractAttributesParser
$AbstractParserProperty in class AbstractParser
List of Wsdl parsed for the current tag
$AbstractParserProperty in class AbstractParser
List of Schema parsed for the current tag
AbstractParser::parse() — Method in class AbstractParser
The method takes care of looping among WSDLS as much time as it is needed
AbstractParser::parseWsdl() — Method in class AbstractParser
Actual parsing of the Wsdl
AbstractParser::parseSchema() — Method in class AbstractParser
Actual parsing of the Schema
AbstractParser::parsingTag() — Method in class AbstractParser
Must return the tag that will be parsed
AbstractTagImportParser::parseWsdl() — Method in class AbstractTagImportParser
AbstractTagImportParser::parseSchema() — Method in class AbstractTagImportParser
The goal of this method is to ensure that each schema is parsed by both TagInclude and TagImport in case of one of the two does not find tags that matches its tag name.
AbstractTagInputOutputParser::parseWsdl() — Method in class AbstractTagInputOutputParser
AbstractTagInputOutputParser::parseInputOutput() — Method in class AbstractTagInputOutputParser
AbstractTagParser::parseSchema() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
Most of he time, this method is not used, even if it used, for now, knowing that we are in a schema is not a useful information, so we can simply parse the tag with only the wsdl as parameter
AbstractTagParser::parseTagAttributes() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::parseTagAttributeType() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::parseTagAttributeName() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
Avoid this attribute to be added as meta
AbstractTagParser::parseTagAttributeAbstract() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
AbstractTagParser::parseTagAttributeValue() — Method in class AbstractTagParser
Enumeration does not need its own value as meta information, it's like the name for struct attribute
TagAttribute::parsingTag() — Method in class TagAttribute
TagAttribute::parseTag() — Method in class TagAttribute
TagChoice::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagChoice
TagChoice::parsingTag() — Method in class TagChoice
TagChoice::parseChoice() — Method in class TagChoice
TagChoice::parseChoiceChild() — Method in class TagChoice
TagComplexType::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagComplexType
TagComplexType::parsingTag() — Method in class TagComplexType
TagComplexType::parseComplexType() — Method in class TagComplexType
TagDocumentation::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagDocumentation
TagDocumentation::parsingTag() — Method in class TagDocumentation
TagDocumentation::parseDocumentation() — Method in class TagDocumentation
TagElement::parsingTag() — Method in class TagElement
TagElement::parseTagAttributes() — Method in class TagElement
TagEnumeration::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagEnumeration
TagEnumeration::parsingTag() — Method in class TagEnumeration
TagEnumeration::parseEnumeration() — Method in class TagEnumeration
TagExtension::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagExtension
TagExtension::parsingTag() — Method in class TagExtension
TagExtension::parseExtension() — Method in class TagExtension
TagHeader::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::parsingTag() — Method in class TagHeader
TagHeader::parseHeader() — Method in class TagHeader
TagImport::parsingTag() — Method in class TagImport
TagInclude::parsingTag() — Method in class TagInclude
TagInput::parsingTag() — Method in class TagInput
TagList::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagList
TagList::parsingTag() — Method in class TagList
TagList::parseList() — Method in class TagList
TagOutput::parsingTag() — Method in class TagOutput
TagRestriction::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::parsingTag() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::parseRestriction() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::parseRestrictionAttributes() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::parseRestrictionChildren() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::parseRestrictionChild() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagRestriction::parseRestrictionChildAttribute() — Method in class TagRestriction
TagUnion::parseWsdl() — Method in class TagUnion
TagUnion::parsingTag() — Method in class TagUnion
TagUnion::parseUnion() — Method in class TagUnion
TagUnion::parseMemberTypes() — Method in class TagUnion


GeneratePackageCommand::resolveGeneratorOptionsConfigPath() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
AbstractYamlReader::resetInstances() — Method in class AbstractYamlReader
For tests purpose only!
AbstractObjectContainer::rewind() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
$ComposerProperty in class Composer
Tests purpose: do not run composer update command
$AbstractRuleProperty in class AbstractRule
RulesClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Rules::ruleHasBeenAppliedToAttribute() — Method in class Rules
Utils::resolveCompletePath() — Method in class Utils
Utils::removeNamespace() — Method in class Utils
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Replaced keywords time in order to generate unique new keyword
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Replaced methods time in order to generate unique new method
AbstractModel::replacePhpReservedKeyword() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns a usable keyword for a original keyword
AbstractModel::replaceReservedMethod() — Method in class AbstractModel
Returns a usable method for a original method
$MethodProperty in class Method
Type of the return value for the operation
$StructAttributeProperty in class StructAttribute
Defines that this property can be removed from request or not.


GeneratePackageCommand::setGenerator() — Method in class GeneratePackageCommand
GeneratorOptions::setOptionValue() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Allows to add an option and set its value
GeneratorOptions::setCategory() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current category option value
GeneratorOptions::setAddComments() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current add comments option value
GeneratorOptions::setGatherMethods() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current gather methods option value
GeneratorOptions::setGenerateTutorialFile() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current generate tutorial file option value
GeneratorOptions::setNamespace() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current namespace option value
GeneratorOptions::setGenericConstantsName() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current generic constants name option value
GeneratorOptions::setStandalone() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current standalone option value
GeneratorOptions::setValidation() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current validation option value
GeneratorOptions::setStructClass() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current struct class option value
GeneratorOptions::setStructArrayClass() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current struct array class option value
GeneratorOptions::setSoapClientClass() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current struct array class option value
GeneratorOptions::setOrigin() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current origin option value
GeneratorOptions::setDestination() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current destination option value
GeneratorOptions::setSrcDirname() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current src dirname option value
GeneratorOptions::setPrefix() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current prefix option value
GeneratorOptions::setSuffix() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current suffix option value
GeneratorOptions::setBasicLogin() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current basic login option value
GeneratorOptions::setBasicPassword() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current basic password option value
GeneratorOptions::setProxyHost() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current proxy host option value
GeneratorOptions::setProxyPort() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current proxy port option value
GeneratorOptions::setProxyLogin() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current proxy login option value
GeneratorOptions::setProxyPassword() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current proxy password option value
GeneratorOptions::setSoapOptions() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current soap options option value
GeneratorOptions::setComposerName() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current composer name option value
GeneratorOptions::setComposerSettings() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current composer settings option value
GeneratorOptions::setStructsFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current structs folder option value
GeneratorOptions::setArraysFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current arrays folder option value
GeneratorOptions::setEnumsFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current enums folder option value
GeneratorOptions::setServicesFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set current services folder option value
GeneratorOptions::setSchemasSave() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set schemas save option value
GeneratorOptions::setSchemasFolder() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set schemas folder option value
GeneratorOptions::setXsdTypesPath() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
Set xsd types path option value
ServiceReservedMethodClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader
StructArrayReservedMethodClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader
StructReservedMethodClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader
SchemaClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
ServiceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
StructClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
StructAttributeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
StructValueClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Container\Model
AbstractFile::setGenerator() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractFile::setFile() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractModelFile::setModel() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
AbstractOperation::setGenerator() — Method in class AbstractOperation
AbstractOperation::setMethod() — Method in class AbstractOperation
Composer::setComposerFileContent() — Method in class Composer
Composer::setRunComposerUpdate() — Method in class Composer
PhpFunctionParameter::setModel() — Method in class PhpFunctionParameter
ServiceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
Service::setModelFromMethod() — Method in class Service
Service::setModel() — Method in class Service
StructClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
Struct::setModel() — Method in class Struct
StructArrayClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
StructArray::setModel() — Method in class StructArray
StructEnumClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
StructEnum::setModel() — Method in class StructEnum
AbstractMinMaxRule::symbol() — Method in class AbstractMinMaxRule
Must return the comparison symbol
LengthRule::symbol() — Method in class LengthRule
MaxExclusiveRule::symbol() — Method in class MaxExclusiveRule
MaxInclusiveRule::symbol() — Method in class MaxInclusiveRule
MaxLengthRule::symbol() — Method in class MaxLengthRule
MaxOccursRule::symbol() — Method in class MaxOccursRule
MinExclusiveRule::symbol() — Method in class MinExclusiveRule
MinInclusiveRule::symbol() — Method in class MinInclusiveRule
MinLengthRule::symbol() — Method in class MinLengthRule
Rules::setAttribute() — Method in class Rules
Rules::setMethod() — Method in class Rules
StringRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
AbstractGeneratorAware::setGenerator() — Method in class AbstractGeneratorAware
$GeneratorProperty in class Generator
Used SoapClient
Generator::setOptionCategory() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionCategory value
Generator::setOptionGatherMethods() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionGatherMethods value
Generator::setOptionGenericConstantsNames() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionGenericConstantsNames value
Generator::setOptionGenerateTutorialFile() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionGenerateTutorialFile value
Generator::setOptionNamespacePrefix() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionGenerateTutorialFile value
Generator::setOptionAddComments() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionAddComments value
Generator::setOptionStandalone() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionStandalone value
Generator::setOptionValidation() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionValidation value
Generator::setOptionStructClass() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionStructClass value
Generator::setOptionStructArrayClass() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionStructArrayClass value
Generator::setOptionSoapClientClass() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionSoapClientClass value
Generator::setOptionPrefix() — Method in class Generator
Sets the package name prefix
Generator::setOptionSuffix() — Method in class Generator
Sets the package name suffix
Generator::setOptionBasicLogin() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionBasicLogin value
Generator::setOptionBasicPassword() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionBasicPassword value
Generator::setOptionProxyHost() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionProxyHost value
Generator::setOptionProxyPort() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionProxyPort value
Generator::setOptionProxyLogin() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionProxyLogin value
Generator::setOptionProxyPassword() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionProxyPassword value
Generator::setOptionOrigin() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionOrigin value
Generator::setOptionDestination() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionDestination value
Generator::setOptionSrcDirname() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionSrcDirname value
Generator::setOptionSoapOptions() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionSoapOptions value
Generator::setOptionComposerName() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionComposerName value
Generator::setOptionComposerSettings() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionComposerSettings value
Generator::setOptionStructsFolder() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionStructsFolder value
Generator::setOptionArraysFolder() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionArraysFolder value
Generator::setOptionEnumsFolder() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionEnumsFolder value
Generator::setOptionServicesFolder() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionServicesFolder value
Generator::setOptionSchemasSave() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionSchemasSave value
Generator::setOptionSchemasFolder() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionSchemasFolder value
Generator::setOptionXsdTypesPath() — Method in class Generator
Sets the optionXsdTypesPath value
Generator::setWsdl() — Method in class Generator
Sets the WSDLs
Generator::setOptions() — Method in class Generator
$GeneratorContainersProperty in class GeneratorContainers
$GeneratorContainersProperty in class GeneratorContainers
$GeneratorSoapClientProperty in class GeneratorSoapClient
GeneratorSoapClient::setSoapClient() — Method in class GeneratorSoapClient
SoapClientClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
Utils::saveSchemas() — Method in class Utils
Save schemas to schemasFolder Filename will be extracted from schemasUrl or default schema.wsdl will be used
AbstractDocument::setContent() — Method in class AbstractDocument
AbstractModel::setInheritance() — Method in class AbstractModel
Sets the name of the class the current class inherits from
AbstractModel::setMeta() — Method in class AbstractModel
Sets the meta
AbstractModel::setDocumentation() — Method in class AbstractModel
Sets the documentation meta value.
AbstractModel::setName() — Method in class AbstractModel
Sets the original name extracted from the WSDL
AbstractModel::setOwner() — Method in class AbstractModel
Sets the owner model object
AbstractModel::setAbstract() — Method in class AbstractModel
Method::setParameterType() — Method in class Method
Set the parameter type
Method::setReturnType() — Method in class Method
Set the return type
Method::setUnique() — Method in class Method
Set the isUnique property
SchemaClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
ServiceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
Class Service stands for an available service containing the methods/operations described in the WSDL
Service::setMethods() — Method in class Service
Sets the methods container
Service::setMethodsFromSerializedJson() — Method in class Service
StructClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
Class Struct stands for an available struct described in the WSDL
Struct::setAttributes() — Method in class Struct
Sets the attributes of the struct
Struct::setRestriction() — Method in class Struct
Sets the isRestriction value
Struct::setStruct() — Method in class Struct
Sets the isStruct value
Struct::setList() — Method in class Struct
Sets the list value
Struct::setValues() — Method in class Struct
Sets the values for an enumeration
Struct::setTypes() — Method in class Struct
Struct::setAttributesFromSerializedJson() — Method in class Struct
Struct::setValuesFromSerializedJson() — Method in class Struct
StructAttributeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
Class StructAttribute stands for an available struct attribute described in the WSDL
StructAttribute::setType() — Method in class StructAttribute
Sets the type value
StructAttribute::setContainsElements() — Method in class StructAttribute
Sets the type value
StructAttribute::setRemovableFromRequest() — Method in class StructAttribute
StructValueClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
Class StructValue stands for an enumeration value
StructValue::setIndex() — Method in class StructValue
Sets the index attribute value
StructsClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\SoapClient
Structs::structHasBeenDefined() — Method in class Structs
AbstractParser::setTags() — Method in class AbstractParser
AbstractParser::setWsdlAsParsed() — Method in class AbstractParser
AbstractParser::setSchemaAsParsed() — Method in class AbstractParser
AbstractTagInputOutputParser::setKnownType() — Method in class AbstractTagInputOutputParser
TagInput::setKnownType() — Method in class TagInput
TagOutput::setKnownType() — Method in class TagOutput
SchemaClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler


GeneratorOptions::toArray() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
$XsdTypesProperty in class XsdTypes
List of PHP reserved types from config file
TutorialClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
AbstractBoundRule::testConditions() — Method in class AbstractBoundRule
AbstractLengthRule::testConditions() — Method in class AbstractLengthRule
AbstractRule::testConditions() — Method in class AbstractRule
Inline tests of the validation rule
AbstractSetOfValuesRule::testConditions() — Method in class AbstractSetOfValuesRule
BooleanRule::testConditions() — Method in class BooleanRule
ChoiceRule::testConditions() — Method in class ChoiceRule
EnumerationRule::testConditions() — Method in class EnumerationRule
FloatRule::testConditions() — Method in class FloatRule
FractionDigitsRule::testConditions() — Method in class FractionDigitsRule
IntRule::testConditions() — Method in class IntRule
ItemTypeRule::testConditions() — Method in class ItemTypeRule
MaxOccursRule::testConditions() — Method in class MaxOccursRule
PatternRule::testConditions() — Method in class PatternRule
StringRule::testConditions() — Method in class StringRule
TotalDigitsRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class TotalDigitsRule
TotalDigitsRule::testConditions() — Method in class TotalDigitsRule
UnionRule::testConditions() — Method in class UnionRule
AbstractDocument::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class AbstractDocument
Should return the properties of the inherited class
AbstractModel::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class AbstractModel
Should return the properties of the inherited class
EmptyModel::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class EmptyModel
Should return the properties of the inherited class
Method::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class Method
Should return the properties of the inherited class
Service::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class Service
Should return the properties of the inherited class
$StructProperty in class Struct
If the struct is a union with types, then store types
Struct::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class Struct
Should return the properties of the inherited class
$StructAttributeProperty in class StructAttribute
Type of the struct attribute
StructAttribute::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class StructAttribute
Should return the properties of the inherited class
StructValue::toJsonSerialize() — Method in class StructValue
Should return the properties of the inherited class
Structs::typeSignature() — Method in class Structs
$AbstractParserProperty in class AbstractParser
TagAttributeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagChoiceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagComplexTypeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagDocumentationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagElementClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagEnumerationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagExtensionClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagHeaderClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagImportClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagIncludeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagInputClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagListClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagOutputClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagRestrictionClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagUnionClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Parser\Wsdl
TagClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAddressClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAllClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAnnotationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAnyClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAnyAttributeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAppinfoClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAttributeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagAttributeGroupClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagBindingClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagBodyClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagChoiceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagComplexContentClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagComplexTypeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagDefinitionsClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagDocumentationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagElementClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagEnumerationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagExtensionClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagFieldClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagGroupClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagHeaderClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagImportClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagIncludeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagInputClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagKeyClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagKeyrefClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagListClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagMemberTypesClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagMessageClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagNotationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagOperationClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagOutputClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagPartClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagPortClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagPortTypeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagRedefineClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagRestrictionClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagSchemaClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagSelectorClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagSequenceClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagSimpleContentClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagSimpleTypeClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagTypesClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagUnionClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag
TagUniqueClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler\Tag


AbstractModelFile::useBrackets() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
UtilsClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File
UnionRuleClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\File\Validation
Class ListRule
UtilsClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Generator
$AbstractModelProperty in class AbstractModel
Unique name generated in order to ensure unique naming (for struct constructor and setters/getters even for different case attribute name with same value)
AbstractModel::uniqueName() — Method in class AbstractModel
Static method which returns a unique name case sensitively Useful to name methods case sensitively distinct, see http://the-echoplex.net/log/php-case-sensitivity
$StructValueProperty in class StructValue
Store the constants generated per structName
Wsdl::useParentMethodAndExternals() — Method in class Wsdl
Handler any method that exist within the parant class, in addition it handles the case when we want to use the external schemas to search in
Wsdl::useExternalSchemas() — Method in class Wsdl


AbstractObjectContainer::valid() — Method in class AbstractObjectContainer
$StructProperty in class Struct
Only for virtually-considered objects (in order to avoid duplucations in objects property)
AbstractRule::validationRuleComment() — Method in class AbstractRule
$StructProperty in class Struct
If the struct is a restriction with values, then store values


AbstractCommand::writeLn() — Method in class AbstractCommand
AbstractFile::write() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractFile::writeFile() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractModelFile::writeFile() — Method in class AbstractModelFile
Composer::writeFile() — Method in class Composer
FileInterface::write() — Method in class FileInterface
This method is called to launch the data parsing If an exception must be throwned, then it must be throwned here
Tutorial::writeFile() — Method in class Tutorial
$GeneratorProperty in class Generator
WsdlClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\Model
WsdlClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\WsdlHandler


XsdTypesClass in namespace WsdlToPhp\PackageGenerator\ConfigurationReader


AbstractReservedWord::__construct() — Method in class AbstractReservedWord
AbstractYamlReader::__construct() — Method in class AbstractYamlReader
Use singleton, instead of calling new Options(), use Options::instance()
GeneratorOptions::__construct() — Method in class GeneratorOptions
StructArrayReservedMethod::__construct() — Method in class StructArrayReservedMethod
XsdTypes::__construct() — Method in class XsdTypes
AbstractFile::__construct() — Method in class AbstractFile
AbstractOperation::__construct() — Method in class AbstractOperation
PhpFunctionParameter::__construct() — Method in class PhpFunctionParameter
PhpFunctionParameter constructor.
FileInterface::__construct() — Method in class FileInterface
AbstractRule::__construct() — Method in class AbstractRule
Rules::__construct() — Method in class Rules
AbstractGeneratorAware::__construct() — Method in class AbstractGeneratorAware
Generator::__construct() — Method in class Generator
GeneratorContainers::__construct() — Method in class GeneratorContainers
GeneratorParsers::__construct() — Method in class GeneratorParsers
GeneratorSoapClient::__construct() — Method in class GeneratorSoapClient
GeneratorSoapClient constructor.
AbstractDocument::__construct() — Method in class AbstractDocument
AbstractModel::__construct() — Method in class AbstractModel
Main constructor
Method::__construct() — Method in class Method
Main constructor
Service::__construct() — Method in class Service
Main constructor
Struct::__construct() — Method in class Struct
Main constructor
StructAttribute::__construct() — Method in class StructAttribute
Main constructor
StructValue::__construct() — Method in class StructValue
Main constructor
AbstractParser::__construct() — Method in class AbstractParser
Wsdl::__construct() — Method in class Wsdl